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With years of experience in plumber service in all areas of Cork City and County.
Handy Man in Cork is a registered contractor serving customers for over 25 years across Ireland. We are widely regarded as one of the top contractors; we have a reputation for being an honest, straight-talking company in Cork. We are known for our high-quality artistry and for using Irish materials.
We offer a variety of services, working on jobs of all sizes. Our team work primarily with domestic clients. However, we also carry out commercial work when needed.
We know emergencies can happen anytime, so we offer a 24/7 service. We travel all across Cork. Our company is 100% Irish owned, and we buy our materials from Irish suppliers.

Don’t hesitate to contact Handyman in Cork to discuss any service not listed above.

Plumber In Cork

Why choose us


We are Expert in Plumbing Repairs and Fixes. We hold an experience of 25 years and only employ professionals committed to their work.


Our technicians at Handyman in Cork are friendly, reliable, and dependent. They understand the needs of their customers and only believe in offering quality work.


We at a Plumber in Cork hold a 25-year experience, which means we know our tools and work very well. As a result, we do not commit mistakes.


In a long time we have worked, we can proudly claim to have established a name for ourselves that resonates positively with our customers

Who we are

Handyman Cork is a trusted and reliable team of experienced professionals capable of handling all your plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair-related problems.

At Cork Handyman, we understand how hard it is to manage your personal and professional spaces. For example, you might find it challenging to carve out time to fix your latch or to mow your lawn since your office life is so demanding. And hence just by placing a single call at our premises you promptly can hire our services.

Whatever issues you face, whether it is maintenance or a repair task, you can rely on us entirely.

We have been operating in plumbing of work for the past 25 years. We proudly claim to have established handyman in Cork as a prestigious and dependable name in the plumbing sector. During this period, we have worked with some 200+ clients on more than 330 projects that are all living proof of our success stories. We provide 24-hour emergency services to our clients and hold our customer’s satisfaction above everything else.

So, if you need anything, all you can do is make a call, and your wish will be our command!


Contact us for any issue you face. Fill the form to get a free quote from us, we will revert back to you at the earliest we can.
Our success stories are more than enough for our credentials. Our consistent delivery and successful jobs are our testimonials for your satisfaction.

We aim to please our clients with our recommendable performance and hence ensure the timely deliverance of services on our part. However, we are always prepared for any challenge, and our numbers are a statement of that.

The handyman in Cork holds an experience of roughly 25 years where we have dealt with approximately 200 plus clients. In this time, we have almost worked on some 330 projects which are a statement of our success.

We understand how it is not easy to let a stranger in your home, around your kids and family. This is why we at Handyman in Cork take every possible precaution for your safety. We hire individuals only after thoroughly investigating their backgrounds and histories and ensuring they are the best at their work. We train them well and ensure that they know how our client’s safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

The strong ethics and high working standards drive our technicians at Handyman in Cork to deliver the best results. Our employees here are a pro at their jobs and are always entirely devoted to their tasks. They are a licensed professional team to carry out their jobs.

Our numbers narrate our success story. They are proof of our success.